PAYMENT TERMS - Our terms require 100% payment with order for rentals, services, tax and anticipated freight. The Payment Authorization form with your credit card information for payment of advance and show site orders must be forwarded to Fern in order for us to provide any equipment or services. Full payment of rental charges must accompany your order forms and be received by our office before the deadline date to qualify for the discounted rates. PLEASE NOTE THAT PO'S ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS A FORM OF PAYMENT. All orders received after deadline (indicated on each form) or on show site will be charged at standard rates. A $20.00 surcharge will be added to your account if any credit charges for services are denied or if any checks are returned.

TERMS - Due upon receipt. Unpaid accounts after the day of the show will accrue a service charge of .0575% per day, annual interest rate of 21%. You will be responsible for all fees connected with the collection of your accounts. Credit card information is required for all freight (if applicable), additional services or rental ordered on site which will be invoiced to your credit card. Advance charges may be paid by company check but credit card information is still required. Copies of invoices may be picked up from the Service Desk prior to show closing. No credit will be given after close of event on items or services ordered but not received.

THIRD PARTY BILLING - The exhibiting firm is primarily responsible for the payment of charges. In the event the exhibiting firm has arranged for an exhibit house or other party to handle the exhibitor display and be billed for all services, the exhibiting company will agree to the third party billing if the exhibit house supplies the appropriate credit card information on the Third Party Payment Authorization form. Advance payment in full must accompany the order including estimated labor and drayage charges.

ACCEPTANCE - By signing the Third Party Payment Authorization form, the exhibitor agrees that they are primarily responsible for payment of charges. In the event the named third party fails to pay all charges, such charges will be paid by the exhibiting firm on demand, including any and all fees connected with the collection of this account. By clicking 'I Accept' below you are agreeing to the Full Terms and Conditions as well as those expressed above.

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